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jivamukti retreats

You want to get back to nature, deepen your practice and find inner peace. All our retreats are well balanced. You can expect deep yoga practices, beautiful surroundings and kind beings.

9 of our retreats taking place this year are based at the Jivamukti Yoga method.


Jivamukti Yoga at yogatravelandbeyond


The Jivamukti Yoga method is based on the five tenets

  1. Ahimsa Non Violence not against anybody else (also not animals or nature) and also to be kind to yourself.
  2. Dhyana: Meditation
  3. Nada: Sound as an important part to deepen the practice true music, chanting, voice or just listening to your breath
  4. Shastra: Study of scripture and talking about them via Satsang or maybe at the beginning of a yoga class.
  5. Bhakti: Devotion can be for example the setting of a high intention for the practice or other devotional practices.

Each month there is a focus of the month  to give you some guidance, where you could direct your intentions to.

A Jivamukti class integrates music, asana, talk and meditation. During class, you mindfully coordinate your breath with your movement. Each breath has a movement, each movement has your full attention. If you are looking for a balanced and transformative class where you can work at your own pace, Jivamukti Open classes are for you. A creatively sequenced class with detailed instructions, alignment and yoga philosophy interwoven.


Our Jivamukti Yoga Retreats


magali lentner klara puski jivamukti yogatravel reise retreat
Jivamukti Yoga Retreat Reise Kreta mit Petros Haffenrichter Martyna Eder
Jivamukti Yoga Retreat Reise Yogatravel mit Jules Febre
Yoga Retreat Reise Travel Juli
Yoga Bhakti Retreat Reise Kreta
Yoga Retreat Reise Jivamukti mit Janka Marie
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