Jivamukti Yoga RETREAT with Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Clare Nicholls

Traveldate: Sep 26th – Oct 3rd, 2020
@Kretashala, Triopetra
w/ Lady Ruth & Clare Nicholls


kṣaṇa : the smallest moment of measurable time

A Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Ruth Lauer-Manenti and Clare Nicholls


Take the time to join Lady Ruth and Clare Nicholls on this Jivamukti yoga retreat where we will explore central themes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali form one of the foundational texts of Yoga philosophy. They are a treatise which shines light into the way the mind works. They give practical suggestions for how to quite the whirling of the mind and reveal the possibilities available to us when the mind becomes still.


Lady Ruth and Clare are both students of Dr M.A Jayashree and Professor Narasimhan of the Anantha Research Foundation Mysore, India. They have both learned to chant the Yoga Sutras through the traditional method of shruti paramapara from these living masters and are excited to share the teaching in this beautiful setting.


To come together as a group to retreat and to share and deepen our Yoga practice is fun and transformative. The combination of these two experienced teachers, the breath taking scenery of Triopetra and the love and kindness of Pavlo’s staff makes this experience magical and unique. Ruth and Clare will support you in taking your asana practice to the next level, in feeling more at ease in your meditation and pranayama practice and in deepening your knowledge of yogic philosophy. Apart from the time spent on the mat, there will be room to enjoy the beach, for hikes and exploring the beautiful island of Crete.

“My hope as a teacher is to take part in creating a space that is quiet and still so that the practitioner is challenged, focused and at ease.  In that way the practitioner is able to find the yoga within themselves, for yoga is graceful and has a way of falling into place.” – Lady Ruth

starting from 1070,00€ | Booking & Conditions below!

All about the Retreat

Daily schedule (changes are possible)


Arrival Day: September 26th 2020

Program Sept 27th – Oct 2nd 2020:

8am  Tea, Coffee, light breakfast

8.30am to 12pm Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, Jivamukti Yoga class

12.30pm Lunch

5.30pm to 7pm Asana practical, Restorative practice or Lecture, Meditation (two evenings will be free)

7.30pm Dinner

Departure Day: October 3rd 2020


Robert Manenti will be offering optional Tai Chi Classes.


First class will start on Sunday, September 27th, 8.30 am. Last class will finish on Friday, October 2nd, 7pm. September 26th and October 3rd are travelling days and there will be no classes.


Nowadays, there are still a few places on earth that insistently deny to follow the stream of the modern civilisation and remain oases for those who seek for something different.
Triopetra is one of those places where time seems to have stopped!

You get to experience the archaic landscape, pure nature, the almost everpresent sun, etesian winds, the chirping of the cicadas and the soft, swooshing sound of the ocean.

This place of refuge is located on the south coast of Crete. The best Season lies between April and October where the highest Temperatures are reached between June and September.

The beach is just a few steps away from the Kretashala “Pavlos’ Place” and the guests can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beaches, with turquoise, crystal-clear water in which you can swim and snorkel.
One is surrounded by Nature in its purest form that invites you to explore the healing powers of it.

The area around Triopetra is free from bars or noisy night life, which means that tranquility and quietness are guaranteed!


Pavlos Place is located at the eastern Triopetra Beach. It is a modest Guesthouse with a family atmosphere and very comfortable rooms.

It consists of 18 rooms (with two or three beds), each one with its own bathroom, shower, mosquito nets, small fridge, air conditioning and screen doors.

All the rooms have a balcony with a view over the Libyan sea.

There´s consciousily no television or internet connection in the rooms, but you find a few books in a small library which will provide you with “good food for the brain” [Symbol]. For those who want to communicate with their people, free Wi-Fi is provided all over the place around the terraces.

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Ruth started practicing yoga in her early 20’s after a serious car accident. She soon after went to India to take part in the Shivananda Teachers Training course. She later met Sharon Gannon and David Life and became a student of theirs and later a teacher of their method. Ruth is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and has facilitated several Teachers Training Courses in the US and in India. Ruth has made many trips to India studying with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his daughter Saraswati and grandson Sharath and has written permission from Sri K Pattabhi Jois to teach the primary and intermediate astanga yoga series as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his family. Ruth is also a Sanskrit student of Dr. M S Jayashree and Professor HV Rao. Ruth teaches Jivamukti Yoga in the US, China, Japan, India, Australia, The Czech Republic and through out Europe. Ruth will be facilitating the next Jivamukti teachers training in February 2019 in India.


Ruth has written three books An Offering of Leaves, Sweeping the Dust and Fell In Her Hands all published by Lantern Books. Ruth is also an artist, to view her work please visit www.RuthLauerManenti.com

A practitioner of Yoga since 2001 and a lover of the philosophy and stories of Sankhya and Vedanta since childhood, Clare is passionate about sharing her understanding of these teachings. Clare has studied for several years in Mysore with Dr M.A. Jayashree and Professor Narasimhan. She’s an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher from the UK who now lives in Bern (Switzerland) and teaches at Dayayoga. Clare is also a midwife and has published a book about her travels to India.


More about Clare: https://thecolourandthechaos.com


Single room (on request): 1380,-€ per person

Double room: 1135,- € per person*
Triple room: 1070,- € per person* 



– shared rental car for minimum 2 participants from/to the airport.
– Accommodation and vegeterian/vegan fullboard
– Yoga Schedule and Contents

Save 100 Euro for a booking until January 31st 2020

*In case there are not enough participants for a double or triple room, we have to change your booking to the next category for the regular price.


Our Pavlos Place is located on the southcoast of the Island (app. 2,5hrs by car from the airports)

Sharing means caring …please notice that it could be possible to wait a while on the airport for a person who has similar flightschedules. Due tot he guaranteed sharings of the cars.

If your arrival or departure times are not combinable with any other participant or if you arrive or depart not on the official days you have the following opportunities:
– Book your own rental car for additional: 125,00€
– Book a private taxi transfer for additional: 170,00 €



A flight is not included but we are happy to help you . Otherwise please tell us 4 weeks before arrival – at the latest – your exactly flight schedules.



After your booking is a deposit needed of 20% of the total amount. The rest of the amount needs to be paid 4 weeks before arrival.

There are special cancellation & rebooking conditions for our group trips:

until 30 days before departure 30%
until 29-15 days before departure 50%
until 14-7 days before departure 75%
until 6-2 before departure 90%
on the last day before departure or no show, 95% of the price.

A reclassification is possible for a fee of 50,- €. (For example, to another date or another Retreat)