Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Céline Ryf in Crete



from June 17th – 24th 2023

Everything in this universe vibrates. Vibration is sound or music. Yogic practices are designed to not only help us get a sound body, but to balance our nervous and energetic system, and calm our mind. If all of these are balanced, we feel in tune with ourselves and the world around us. As we become more aware of how energy moves in and around us, we can begin to consciously direct it towards the higher centers of consciousness, towards Yoga or a feeling of connection, of belonging and moving through life with purpose.

While deeply connected to nature and the elements in this sacred place, we will deepen our understanding of the different layers of our being and raise our vibrations through practices such as asana, pranayama, meditation, scripture and chanting.


Perfection of divinity is everyone’s duty. Don’t waste your time living for the vanities. Start living on a higher vibration (Ziggy Marley).

Approx. daily schedule: 


Mornings: Practice from 8-11am (Meditation, Pranayama, chanting, Jivamukti Yoga class


Evenings (2 hours before sunset): satsang, asana exploration, restorative classes, yoga nidra, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting, watching sunset


Before morning practice: self serve tea, coffee and fruit, after practice: brunch, after evening practice: dinner


Saturday 17th and 24th are arrival and departure days. There are no classes scheduled on those days. However, if most participants arrive early on arrival day, we may plan a welcoming Satsang on that evening. For all arriving in the afternoon/early evening a group dinner will be provided. The last meal will be breakfast on day of departure.


Classes are taught in English.

All about the Retreat



Nowadays, there are still a few places on earth that insistently deny to follow the stream of the modern civilisation and remain oases for those who seek for something different.
Triopetra is one of those places where time seems to have stopped!


You get to experience the archaic landscape, pure nature, the almost everpresent sun, etesian winds, the chirping of the cicadas and the soft, swooshing sound of the ocean.


This place of refuge is located on the south coast of Crete. The best Season lies between April and October where the highest Temperatures are reached between June and September.


The beach is just a few steps away from the Kretashala “Pavlos’ Place” and the guests can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beaches, with turquoise, crystal-clear water in which you can swim and snorkel.
One is surrounded by Nature in its purest form that invites you to explore the healing powers of it.


The area around Triopetra is free from bars or noisy night life, which means that tranquility and quietness are guaranteed!



Pavlos Place is located at the eastern Triopetra Beach. It is a modest Guesthouse with a family atmosphere and very comfortable rooms with its own bathroom, shower, mosquito nets, small fridge, air conditioning and screen doors.

All the rooms have a balcony with a view over the Libyan sea.

About Céline Ryf

Céline is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. She also holds a master in social sciences and is a certified nutrition and holistic health coach. As a mother of three she passionately shares her knowledge about women’s health, mindful motherhood and family life.


Céline is known for her kind yet powerful way of encouraging students to think out of the box and to go beyond the known and easy. She strongly believes in the interconnectedness of all beings, that all deserve to be happy and free, that small steps with great love and dedication yield big results, and that change starts with each one of us.

Everything, really everything was perfect at this retreat. The location, the food, the people. Above all, there was Céline, a truly wonderful and kind yoga teacher with magical hands and the ability to create a sense of community and an atmosphere where everyone feels challenged and accepted at the same time.

(Testimonial from retreat participant)



– Accommodation and vegan fullboard
– Yoga Schedule and Contents



– Flight Ticket to Crete / Heraklion

– Drive to the retreat location



Pavlos Place is located on the southcoast of the Island and is best reached by car. We recommend to take a rental car or private taxi. The rate for transportation is not included but we are happy to arrange transfer or car rental and connect you with other guests to share the cost and transport. Please see optional bookings at check out for details.

RATES per Person:

Singleroom: 1390 €

Shared Twinbed*: 1210 €

Shared Triplebed*: 1170 €


*In case there are not enough participants for a doubleor tripleroom, we have to change your booking to the next category for the regular price.