Jivamukti Yoga Spirit Wake-Up Retreat with Petros Haffenrichter

Jivamukti Yoga Spirit Wake-Up Retreat

with Petros Haffenrichter

27.07.  – 01.08. 2024

at Zen Rocks Retreat Center

in Mani, Greece

Petros & the Zen Rocks team invite all to join us for a Thriving week of practice and joyful wholesome activities, in a friendly community of like minded people, in the embrace of the sacred land of Mani.

Join us for a program with daily practice of Jivamukti Yoga for all levels.

Breathing Practice: Pranayama.

Music. Kirtan.


Community Building.

Cooking Courses.

Yoga Practice: Dealing on the question of Masculine and Feminine, Petros’ stance is as follows:

Beyond choosing sides (which may be at the root of all global imbalance) modernity requires one thing.

What is required when we shift from individually felt, responsible relationships to a global, categorical grid of predetermined values?

What is required to live in a world of hyper-individualization?

What is required to live in a world of a constantly suggested doomed future?

What is required to live in a state of constant fear?

What is required to live in a decontextualized ethical matrix?

What is required to pursue material security when we all know materialism doesn’t provide that?

What is required to live in a world of accepted violence, justified war, in a world full of ignorance toward nature and animals, full of necessities to choose sides and to create enemies? What is required to be fed every day by hours and hours of constant manipulative distraction?

What is required is numbness. Complete numbness.

But, when one actually feels oneself and the world, if somehow the ache of beauty, nature, harmonies of stars, time, space, and the dance of elements can somehow pierce through this numbed human condition – we can wake up. To the reality and beauty and integrity of life.

The path of the yogis has shown over millennia how we can be at ease with the pushes and pulls of currencies of values as they change according to the trends of ignorance of each epoch. To lessen the degree of separation between the one and the supposed “other.” It’s time to regain our freedom for intuitive union, Yoga.

It’s not more X over Y but less ignorance and distraction and a drive away from the natural state of interdependent balance: SATTVA.

about the place

Zen Rocks is a place of beauty, community, and dedication to a deep practice for personal healing and global transformation, located on the coast of Mani in Greece.

Set against the dramatic expanse of the Mediterranean sea, this heavenly corner of the earth is beckoning us on a unique journey of personal growth.

Through mindfulness meditation and somatic practices such as yoga, Pilates, walking, trekking, swimming, sea diving, and working with the earth, we are invited to re-connect with our essential nature, rest, restore, and meet the most positive creative version of ourselves again.

about petros

Growing up in different cultures I came to appreciate life as a union of polarities at a young age. Life is thrilling but demanding, beutiful but challenging, graceful but incomprehensible thourgh mere logic. Through yoga, arts,music and acts of compassion, it is possible to learn to accept all parts this play as equally significant and as opportunities for learning and insight.

The key for developing an open mind and a thoughtful openness toward life is to keep ones curiousity and focus alive. Through yoga we develop finer levels of awareness, eventually to find that we hold the key to joy in our very hands as we learn to distinguish between conditioned behavior and freedom. Ultimately but inevitably, we shift our perception of reality, opening a path to liberation.

booking details

Full Retreat Package – 5 Night Stay (including Accommodations, Program & Meals). The prices are per person.
Zen Rocks will assign roommates in the shared rooms, according to the registration type.

In a Shared Double 1,490 € (you will need to be 2/room to secure price)
In a Shared Triple 1,290 € (you will need to be 3/room to secure price)
In a Shared Luxury Tent 890 € (bathroom & shower available, 4-6 gusets per tent)
Your own Tent 690 € (bathroom & shower available)
Private Single Room 2,090 € (Available upon request, Limited Availability)