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Termin: 2. Februar – 1. März 2019
Ort: Govardhan Eco Village, India
Was: 300hour Jivamukti Lehrerausbildung


Govardhan Eco-Village is a rural farming community founded on Vedic traditions. It is a sustainable living community and almost all food is grown locally and harvested daily. Housing is simple, comfortable and environmentally friendly. There are electrical outlets in every room, however, please be conscious to bring only what you absolutely need and conserve energy. Each dorm/cottage has attached toilets and rooms have clean bedding provided. We remind you again, it is India and there will be some items of convenience that will not be available.




Facilitated by Yogeswari & Ruth Lauer-Manenti, Olga Oskorbina
Sanskrit by Manorama
Anatomy by Lori Zucker DPT
Mentors: Maria Macaya & Tomo Okabe




“When I heard about Jivamukti Yoga offering one of their Teacher Trainings in India, I immediately knew this was the right choice for me. And it proved to be true. To get in touch with these profound teachings in this unique environment among monks and Bhakti Yogis felt so right. It was an honour to study this wisdom shared by our wonderful teachers and mentors and to be prepared in the best possible way to be able to pass all this knowledge on to further students. I still love looking back to these four weeks and I am so grateful for getting the chance to participate.”


Sabine Nisslmüller, Munich (JYTT India 2016)


Seid dabei und bucht Eure einmalige Jivamukti Yogalehrer Ausbildung mit dem



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