Ocean of Tranquility Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Céline Ryf

TRAVEL DATE: May 29th – June 5th, 2021

Ocean of Tranquility – Jivamukti Yoga Retreat
@the Southeast of Crete, Pavlos Place Kretashala
with Céline Ryf


From the terrace of Pavlos you look streight out to the ocean and all you can see is the blue sea, the horizon and the deep blue sky.

It is very soothing and calming for the mind. There are many teachings that compare the mind to the sky. Sometimes there are clouds, sometimes there is rain and perhaps even thunder…

but behind it all is always the blue sky.

It is what Master Patanjali refers to as citta vrtti nirodhah…

a state where the fluctuations or the whirlings or the weather changes of the mind cease, where we are able to re-connect with the vastness of the blue sky or swim in an ocean of tranquility.


The yogic practices are designed to help us remember that we are not the clouds but the sky, not the waves but the ocean.


This retreat is designed to raise our awareness of what is going on physically, mentally and emotionally and learn to embrace the totality of experience without falling into judgment, praise or blame.

There will be daily meditation, chanting, breathing and asana practice based on the Jivamukti Yoga method.

The practice of vinyasa allows us to feel that everything is constantly moving and changing. We can learn to keep an inner calm and coolness within that ever changing reality by connecting to our breath and the blue sky within us. The retreat situation, the beautiful nature, the friendliness of the staff and the healthy and yummy food they prepare will all be conducive to the experience of feeling more at ease with ourselves and our environment.




Schedule from May 30th – June 4th 2021


Daily schedule:

9 – 12 am: Morning Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, Jivamukti Yoga class

5 – 7:30 pm: Asana exploration, restorative classes, Yoga Nidra, Philosophy, Pranayama, Chanting, Evening Meditation



Classes are taught in English.

starting from 990,00  | Booking & Conditions below!

All about the Retreat



Nowadays, there are still a few places on earth that insistently deny to follow the stream of the modern civilisation and remain oases for those who seek for something different.
Triopetra is one of those places where time seems to have stopped!


You get to experience the archaic landscape, pure nature, the almost everpresent sun, etesian winds, the chirping of the cicadas and the soft, swooshing sound of the ocean.


This place of refuge is located on the south coast of Crete. The best Season lies between April and October where the highest Temperatures are reached between June and September.


The beach is just a few steps away from the Kretashala “Pavlos’ Place” and the guests can enjoy miles of unspoiled and deserted beaches, with turquoise, crystal-clear water in which you can swim and snorkel.
One is surrounded by Nature in its purest form that invites you to explore the healing powers of it.


The area around Triopetra is free from bars or noisy night life, which means that tranquility and quietness are guaranteed!



Pavlos Place is located at the eastern Triopetra Beach. It is a modest Guesthouse with a family atmosphere and very comfortable rooms with its own bathroom, shower, mosquito nets, small fridge, air conditioning and screen doors.

All the rooms have a balcony with a view over the Libyan sea.


There´s consciousily no television or internet connection in the rooms, but you find a few books in a small library which will provide you with “good food for the brain”. For those who want to communicate with their people, free Wi-Fi is provided all over the place around the terraces.

All about your Teacher: Céline Ryf

Céline is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, aspiring nutrition and health coach, mother of three beautiful children and founder of Jivamukti Yoga Bern, Switzerland.

She originally studied political science because she wanted to change the world.

In Yoga she found a different but very effective way to bring more peace and understanding into the world and to support people in finding more happiness and well-being in their lives.

Céline knows about the challenges of integrating one’s practice into a busy life. She hopes that she can inspire others to take small steps towards living more healthy and consciously.

She strongly believes that small things done with great love can have huge and life changing effects.  Céline has an authentic and gentle, yet thought provoking way of communicating the teachings.



– shared rental car for minimum 2 participants from/to the airport.
– Accommodation and vegan fullboard
– Yoga Schedule and Contents



– Flight Ticket to Crete / Heraklion

If you don´t want to go by car or if your flight schedules aren’t to combine with the times of someone else of the group, we can book a taxi or your own rental car for additional fees. Please let us know if you are interested.



Our Pavlos Place is located on the southcoast of the Island (app. 2,5hrs by car from the airports)

Sharing means caring …please notice that it could be possible to wait a while on the airport for a person who has similar flightschedules. Due tot he guaranteed sharings of the cars.


If your arrival or departure times are not combinable with any other participant or if you arrive or depart not on the official days you have the following opportunities:
– Book your own rental car for additional: 133,00€ (oneway)
– Book a private taxi transfer for additional: 260,00 € (roundtrip)


Singleroom: 1.290,00 

Shared Twinbed*: 1.150,00 

Shared Triplebed*: 990,00 

*In case there are not enough participants for a double or triple room, we have to change your booking to the next category for the regular price.

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